Request Our Spring 2020 Seed Catalog

Cover image of HiLo Seed Co. Spring 2020 Hemp Genetics Seed Catalog featuring our flagship autoflower CBD hemp variety Autopilot 1.0 (autoflower day-neutral CBD hemp), Guava Jam (photoperiodic CBDV hemp + CBD hemp), Garlic Jam (photoperiodic CBDV hemp), Matterhorn (photoperiodic CBG hemp), Henola (photoperiodic grain hemp), and Bialobrzeskie (B-Lab) photoperiodic dual-purpose fiber hemp and grain hemp.

Known for our flagship autoflower variety, Autopilot 1.0, we’ve expanded our seed catalog in 2020 to include additional cannabinoids (CBG and CBDV), fiber, and grain. Fill out the form below and we’ll email you a copy of our Spring 2020 Seed Catalog.