If you haven’t farmed autoflower hemp before, take the time to learn the basics. We covered some of the most common questions below that farmers ask us about Autopilot feminized hemp seed.

Who is HiLo Seed Company?

Our team consists of biochemists, geneticists, extraction engineers and growers, to name a few. Altogether, we have more than 65 years of experience in commercial agriculture⁠ — from industrial hemp to organic crops⁠. We are working on building out our website to feature the folks behind our operations. Want to keep tabs on HiLo? Bookmark our site or subscribe to our e-newsletter.

Where is HiLo Seed Company located?

We are headquartered on the Leary Plant Farm⁠ — a 100-acre, more than 100 year-old farm near Edenton, North Carolina. But Autopilot 1.0 is grown throughout the world. Looking to grow high-CBD, low THC hemp? Drop us a line!

Where is the best place to grow hemp for CBD extraction or smokable flower?

When it comes to successfully growing hemp, seed plays an enormous factor. U.S. farmers growing Autopilot 1.0 have seen high yields in numerous states from California to the Carolinas and many states in between. Because of its sturdiness, high resistance to heat and mold and high resilience to high wind and heavy rain, Autopilot 1.0 is fast becoming a favorite among new and seasoned farmers, alike. To learn more on growing our CBD hemp seed in your neck of the woods, please reach out. We’d love to hear from you!