Set your farm on Autopilot

High-CBD, low-THC feminized hemp seed from HiLo Seed Co, a trusted source for autoflower

Why grow CBD autoflowering hemp

New on the scene and rapidly growing more popular for its high return on investment, autoflowering CBD hemp is a no-brainer for new and seasoned farmers. 

Growing for flower and CBD extraction? The top 3 reasons cannabis farmers love this day-neutral varietal include its:

  1. Ability to automatically flower on its own independent of how much light the plant receives
  2. Ability to help maximize season (multiple harvests per year) and space, due to 75-day cycles and short, compact size
  3. Good pairing with staggered planting and more controlled harvests and processing

Benefits of our autoflower genetics

Using advanced autoflower genetics, we engineered Autopilot 1.0 to be:

  • High CBD Content

    High CBD

  • Low THC

  • High Yield Genetics

    High Yield

  • Fast to Harvest

  • Heat/Mold Resistant

  • Wind/Rain Resilient

What farmers like most about autoflower is that it offers consistency, control and flexibility. Born from ruderalis genes, autoflower is not photoperiod dependent and can thrive in a variety of geographic locations. Plus, shorter cycles means the potential for more harvests per season.

What hemp farmers are

saying about Autopilot

We are hard at work building a seed calculator to help you quickly determine the cost and recommended quantity of Autopilot 1.0 (autoflower hemp seed) for your acreage. Until we launch our shiny new tool, please submit your request below and we’ll walk you through 2019 pricing.


From Seed to Success⁠ —

How Autopilot 1.0 evolved

Engineering our first day-neutral varietal took a village. Even before we stepped foot in the greenhouse, we consulted with numerous leaders in ag tech⁠ — hemp farmers, extraction engineers, biochemists, breeders and geneticists throughout the US⁠ — to mine data and gather insights. Our next step involved acquiring seeds with superior genetics.

We began crossbreeding with cannabis ruderalis⁠ — the only one of the three genetic types of cannabis that flower based on age⁠⁠ due to its geographic roots in colder parts of the world. To thrive in those harsh climates where summers are shorter, ruderalis evolved to be a sturdier plant that is faster to harvest. By nature, ruderalis also has a high cannabidiol (CBD) content.

Autopilot 1.0 is the result of our extensive research, strategic acquisition and engineering. With proven genetics and supply chain networks, our new plant is unlike anything else on the market.

About Hi-Lo Seed Company⁠ — Why CBD hemp

With 65 years of combined experience in commercial agriculture⁠ — including industrial hemp and traditional crops⁠ — our founders sought out the perfect plot from which to begin producing the highest quality day-neutral (autoflower hemp) seed possible. In early 2019, they landed on the 100-year-old Leary Plant Farm near colonial Edenton, North Carolina. 

The farm’s history is just as rich as the varietal, itself. A family owned operation since the 1950s, our farm is tucked between the Chowan River and the Albemarle Sound in the tranquil, yet fertile coastal plain of northeastern North Carolina. In fact, Native Americans named our community Rocky Hock, which means “beautiful garden.”

Today, we have become one of the largest CBD hemp seed production facilities in North America. Our farm boasts nearly 100 acres, 12 of which are taken up by our greenhouse where our experienced cannabis growers on the cutting edge of autoflower genetics and the Leary Farm family of team members⁠ — some of which have been working this exact land for more than 40 years⁠ — can work under one roof, and for one purpose: to continue growing the hemp industry in a way that will make positive change in the world.