Seeds & Services

A full crop of high-quality seed: CBD, CBDV, CBG, fiber, and grain

HiLo offers a growing list of hemp seed for sale, ranging from high CBD, low THC feminized hemp seed to fiber and grain.

  • Autopilot — Feminized, autoflower CBD hemp
  • Coming soon! — Feminized, photoperiodic CBD hemp
  • Guava Jam — Feminized, photoperiodic CBDV hemp
  • Garlic Jam — Feminized, photoperiodic CBDV hemp
  • Matterhorn — Feminized, photoperiodic CBG hemp
  • Henola — Monoecious, photoperiodic grain
  • Bialobrzeskie (B-Lab) — Monoecious, photoperiodic fiber and grain (dual purpose)

Crop consulting with every seed purchase

We’re farmers first, and HiLo is a farmer-first company. To further stand by our product and protect your investment, we offer free crop consulting with every purchase, whether you’re buying our flagship Autopilot or new-to-the-market CBDV.

Autoflower hemp

Autopilot, the seed that made us famous, is an autoflower. With its uniformity, stability, and consistent ratios, our day-neutral hemp is ideal for most climates and farms across the US.



A high-CBD, low-THC cultivar with fixed maturation and growth consistencies. Also available with seed coating.

Photoperiodic hemp

A a favorite among hemp farmers who are growing photoperiodic hemp for flower and biomass. Known for being CBD-rich, this full-term boasts a potency of 10-18% CBD.



CBDV, CBG & other minor cannabinoids

CBD (cannabidiol) immediately took the market by storm, but that’s just the tip of the iceberg. With more novel cannabinoids beginning to hit the market, we have expanded our offerings to include CBDV and CBG.



Cannabidiol. It’s the plant constituent of hemp that probably sent you to this website. CBD is a popular natural remedy landing inside a wide range of consumer products, with growing interest in its therapeutic benefits for pain, sleep, and anxiety.


Cannabigerol. As a precursor to all of the other cannabinoids, experts call CBG the “mother” constituent of hemp. Early in a plant’s maturity cycle, CBG signals the eventual production of CBD and THC, so seeds and harvesting protocols get specialized for this market.



Fiber & Grain

For harvests going to the fiber and grain market, you’ll want seeds that grow taller than their CBD cousins.



Crop consulting & lab testing

HiLo partners with agronomy experts to offer free consulting and lab testing on qualified seed purchases, minimum required. We want you to succeed with our seeds, so we include the upfront expertise necessary to get you there.