HiLo likes to share. As a trusted name in hemp, we’ve compiled this glossary of key industry terms to get you up to speed on all things hemp. This is a living document with additions made every week, so check back often.


Hemp seed that flowers on a set schedule, independent of received sunlight. Seeds like our own branded autoflower, Autopilot, are not photoperiod dependent. They are bred from cannabis ruderalis genes that mature based on age, and flower automatically in a wide range of climates.


Our branded genetic of feminized, day-neutral, autoflowering hemp with a high-CBD, low-THC ratio. Version 1.0 is available now, and we’re working hard on version 2.0 to share with you real soon.

Day neutral

Synonymous with autoflower.

Industrial hemp

Any variety of the cannabis sativa plant with THC content below 0.3%, as determined by law. Marijuana and hemp both begin as cannabis plants with similar profiles and aromatics, but hemp is bred to minimize THC—the constituent cannabidiol that produces the psychoactive effects of marijuana—and boost CBD. Industrial hemp is used for a wide range of applications, from clothing and building materials, to food and beverages and CBD nutrition products.


As opposed to autoflower, photoperiodic hemp seed responds to sunlight and day length. These genetics are more sensitive to seasonality, climate, and geography. Done right, photoperiodics will grow taller with less consistency than an autoflower.


More coming soon…