Our Team

We’re farmers at heart, but our skills and talents run the gamut. From genetics to agronomy, the team at HiLo live and breathes hemp. Here’s a little bit more about us…

Kevin Nowell

Head of Farmer Relations

Kevin was pretty much born and raised outside, growing up in the Boy Scouts and even becoming an Eagle Scout. Fate intervened in college when he developed health problems and realized his diet and lifestyle were making him sick. 

That’s when Kevin dropped out of school, quit his jobs, and took an internship on a ranch where he spent six weeks in a tent on the side of a mountain with 40 cows, 40 goats, and two dogs. He knew then that he would never work behind a desk.

Kevin calls himself a first-generation farmer, but that’s not the whole story. His grandfather grew up on a dairy, corn, and hay farm in Minnesota, but Kevin came to it all on his own. Like a true scout, he did intensive research and taught himself how to farm certified organic vegetables in California. When he saw hemp was heading toward legalization, he learned everything he could about the plant and the industry.

Kevin now shares that knowledge through HiLo at hemp conferences, on farm visits, and in direct communication with the farmers who choose our seed. His true passion is taking care of these farmers—especially those who are just too busy to do the research on their own.

“Most farmers are hard-working, honest people,” he says. “I don’t want to see them taking these big hits because they just didn’t know. What better way to help than to educate my fellow farmers?”

“When I zero-in on something, I definitely am a self-starter. I just get after it and ‘nerd out’ on things.”

Jenny Lamboy

Director of Marketing

Jenny is a Texan-turned-Coloradoan whose career has closely tracked the progression of media itself. She went from big-haired broadcast journalism to print, before finding her sweet-spot in digital and online. After earning her bachelor’s of journalism from the University of Texas-Austin, she went straight to a CBS affiliate, and then to a 24-hour Time Warner news station. But it was her introduction to digital marketing that changed everything. Jenny combines a journalist’s eye for strategic narrative and storytelling with a love of hard numbers and data science, understanding that “numbers are just numbers, so you need to tell the story of the data to connect on a personal level.”

At HiLo, Jenny’s role is to tell the company’s story, whether it’s interacting with the millennial farmer on Instagram, talking with a boutique farmer who prefers to hear a real voice on the phone, or reaching dozens of farmers at once on a webinar. Even with all her past experience, she’s amazed at how quickly HiLo—and the hemp industry—are growing. It’s a different world from her experience with farming as a kid in Texas.

“My high school was the only school in San Antonio with an ag barn, and even though the city is urban, it was pretty rural where I grew up. The culture I remember, and my experience of the ag community back then, is very different from what I’m seeing in hemp now. There’s a new crop of farmers coming to hemp, including young people, women, and so many passionate advocates for this special plant.”

“We want farmers to understand that we’re one of them. We want them to know that we’re passionate about the genetics, we like to get super geeky about every aspect of growing this plant. HiLo also has a bigger vision for hemp’s ability to benefit both people and planet.”