Our Work

HiLo is a full-service hemp seed company. We breed, produce, and distribute high-quality hemp genetics.

We know that the pace of innovation in hemp is rapid, with novel and elite genetics coming to market each season, so we work hard to identify best-in-class breeders to acquire or license their cultivars and make them available to farmers across the US. Some folks only breed and license. Some only distribute seeds, or produce them for others. We believe that having an active hand in each step of the process allows us to better support our farmers and help them make informed decisions.

We are best known for Autopilot 1.0, and in 2020 we expanded our catalog to include a host of new genetics with specific growth profiles that we test, validate and resell. It’s all part and parcel of our continuing effort to grow the hemp industry into a positive force for change.

Learn more on our full lineup of hemp seed including day-neutral CBD, Matterhorn CBG, and fiber and grain.

Our Vision

As a farmer-first company, we are always looking for ways to encourage new farmers and support our emerging industry. Our vision is built on three pillars: growth, education, and advocacy.


We aim to grow only the highest-quality product, which is why every seed we sell is validated and tested. And we aim to grow our business, and our industry, on a foundation of integrity and respect.


We aim to educate through comprehensive agronomy support, which is why we openly share our hard-earned knowledge in webinars and face-to-face workshops. We know the best way for all of us to succeed is together.


We advocate for the hemp industry by partnering with and serving as active members of leading organizations such as the Hemp Industries Association (HIA), the Imperial Valley Economic Development Corporation (IVEDC), and the Midwest Hemp Council. HiLo is also proud to support the United States Hemp Growers Association (USHGA) as a founding member.

We do all this because we believe in our products, and in the future of hemp.

Our Team

HiLo Seed Co. is a dedicated team of hempthusiasts. Together, we’ve got more than 150 years of experience in growing hemp across the US, with deep expertise in farming, genetics, and agronomy.

Our Partners

As hemp takes center stage, HiLo believes in responsible growth for the industry. To drive collective knowledge, set consistent standards and best practices, and to share back with our peers, we serve as active members of the following organizations.

US Hemp Growers Association

We’re a founding member of the US Hemp Growers Association, a national nonprofit designed to educate growers and cultivate a deep network for sharing legal and regulatory developments along with the latest academic research. The USHGA connects member growers with each other, with potential buyers, and with dealers across the supply chain, providing access to certified seed or stable genetics to ensure that crops fall within allowed THC levels, have the specific qualities needed to develop finished products, and are well-adapted to a variety of environmental conditions.

Hemp Industries Association

Hemp Industries Association is a leading trade association representing more than 1,500 companies in the growth industries around industrial hemp. Through HIA, we work toward the fair and equal treatment of hemp in US agriculture, and open access to the many applications of industrial hemp, from sustainable agriculture to health & wellness.

Vote Hemp

Vote Hemp lobbies for pro-hemp farm policy via a grassroots team of organizers, all focused on bringing the domestic production of hemp back to scale in the US. We share Vote Hemp’s passion for bringing the hemp farmer back to the US.

Imperial Valley Economic Development Corporation (IVEDC)

Imperial Valley Economic Development Corporation is a public-private partnership serving the business interests of the Imperial Valley in California. Through IVEDC, we work toward the development of robust, responsible agribusiness for hemp growers in California, where our branded genetic Autopilot flourishes.

Midwest Hemp Council

Midwest Hemp Council is a trusted voice in hemp policy and agriculture in Indiana and a growing list of midwestern states. Through MHC, we work toward a shared, unified voice in advocating for fair public policy and regulations for hemp growers.

California Hemp Council

The California Hemp Council is the voice of the hemp industry in California. Through CHC, we strive to educate and support our hemp farmers in one of the country’s largest and most vital markets.